Aromatherapy blend
70,00 lei

EMBRACE is the blend for bringing compassion, tenderness and unconditional love for the self and other beings. Psychologically speaking, the rock rose (cistus) warms and centers. The bergamot essential oil is optimistic, radiant in character and a fine aphrodisiac. The Damask rose has been often referred to as the queen of flowers, with many aromatherapists believing that this is the plant with the highest vibrational frequency. Its qualities help women express their femininity and sexuality. Patchouli is useful for those who are excessively rational, by reconnecting them with their sensual side.

EMBRACE is recommended for those who seek emotional comfort and a way to reconnect with their own body. 

NOTE: Embrace is the bestseller of the Atinge aromatherapy collection.

INGREDIENTS: fractionated coconut oil, aromatherapy of cistus*, bergamot*, rosa damascena* and patchouli* essential oils, vitamin E.

*certified organic ingredients