Aromatherapy blend
70,00 lei

LODGE: an amazingly unusual aromatherapy blend featuring a distinctive personality and unique smell. With its familiar masculine flavor, the Atlas cedar is the first noticeable fragrance in this formula. The cedar will help you discover your inner strength and courage. The hyssop stimulates creativity, while sage is a strong cleanser, both physically and mentally. Frankincense provides precious help for meditation and prayer, inspiring mystical experiences and soothing the mind. A blend with great spiritual energy.

LODGE is the blend for those who want to restore their personal power, self-belief and cope with complex feelings. Due to its strong woody, almost masculine aroma, Lodge could be an ideal gift for men.

INGREDIENTS: fractionated coconut oil, aromatherapy of hyssop*, nard*, sage*, cedar*, frankincense* and lemon* essential oils, vitamin E.

*certified organic ingredients