Green myrtle and laurel floral water
70,00 lei

A fresh BALANCE for your face.

Designed for combination skin in particular, BALANCE provides an intense hydration, soft astringent and aseptic, but mostly calming and balancing effect. The green myrtle, laurel, rosemary and lavender hydrosol is a delightful answer to the needs of the combination skin, helping to regulate the hydrolipid balance. This BALANCE aromatherapy is like a Mediterranean island breeze, providing much-needed freshness and revitalisation to the tired or stressed mind. 

HOW TO APPLY: Close your eyes, spray the floral water on the freshly cleaned face, breathe in the aroma of Mediterranean gardens and relax for several seconds. Your tone will definitely make a comeback!

INGREDIENTS: green myrtle hydrosol*, laurel hydrosol*, wild lavender hydrosol*, rosemary hydrosol*.

*certified organic ingredients