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1005 Langley St

Victoria, BC V8W 1V7

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm


145,00 lei

Reduces wrinkles and fine lines / Revitalises face skin / Mood enhancer


Skin Types: Dry | Normal | Mature

Daily use / morning and evening

1 Month Supply (Approx.)


Bring a PURE SHINE to your face!

PURE SHINE is a very special elixir for real natural beauty. This potent blend of organic botanical and precious floral essences reduces fine lines and activates natural radiance of the face skin. Unrefined argan and avocado oils deeply nourish the skin, while the precious borage (starflower) and pomegranate oils are the perfect boost of antioxidants for your skin. The essential oils contained within Pure Shine are a truly royal blend: the rare Damask rose, featuring the highest vibrational frequency among all flowers, with a magical effect on the female psyche, the rock rose (Cistus Ladanifer), smelling and acting like a healing balm, and the Madagascar rose geranium, a known tonic for lighter skin. This is immediately translated into a soft, fresh, perfectly protected and delicately smelling skin.

PURE SHINE is the bestseller of the Atinge face collection.

RITUAL: Apply few drops of Pure Shine on the slightly wet skin. Massage with upward and gentle movements, until the serum is absorbed into the skin. You can perform this beauty ritual in the morning and in the evening, on clean skin, preferably right after applying floral water.

 INGREDIENTS: cold-pressed argan oil*, cold-pressed avocado oil*, rose petal oil*, cold-pressed borage oil*, rosa mosqueta oil*, pomegranate seed oil*, rosa damascena*, cistus* and geranium bourbon* essential oil, vitamin E. 

*certified organic ingredients 


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