Mosquito repellent protective oil
90,00 lei


ADIOS is our special message to mosquitoes! We have created this special body oil for hot summer nights, when insects try to ruin the fun for us. The organic essential oils used are extremely efficient in repelling mosquitoes: citronella, by far the most powerful natural repellent, as well as the wild lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary and cedar, used for a long time as a 100% natural solution against unwanted insects. ADIOS is one of the most desired organic products during summer, tested and appreciated for several years in a row. The cold-pressed, organic sesame and apricot oils help to nourish and soften the skin.                                                      HOW TO APPLY: spray generously on the skin and massage gently until fully absorbed. Re-apply if needed in the event of insect overpopulation. Proven efficiency for 2-3 hours.                                                  


Do not use ADIOS mosquito repellent before exposing yourself to the sun. This oil contains natural organic essential oils that contain photo-sensitizing elements, which may cause irritation to sensitive skin. 

INGREDIENTS: cold-pressed oil containing sesame seeds* and apricots*, citronella*, wild lavender*, eucalyptus*, cedar* and rosemary* essential oils, vitamin E. 

*certified organic ingredients